BIO: Edit

First name: Clades

Last name: No one cares

Gender: Transexual Level 5 Vegan asexual reverse-crossdressing Pryo-Hydra-Moose Gen IV

A legendary memelord Master roaster. He is the lead roaster of the Brother-Hood of Memes and CEO of Street Memes.

He lives in the dankest memehole in the country.

His favorite thing to Roast is Pike.

Clades is one of the Memelord Roast masters of the group, Clades power comes from the dankside. He has been known to destroy the most powerful of super whorians.

He is a possibly a member of the Avian race.

Trivia: Edit

-Hosts starbound server, currently down for maintenance...forever.

-Makes the most image based roasts

-Star Wars Historian