BIO: Edit

First name: Proto

Last name:Pike

Gender: Queerkin foxgender heterometropoxseual levle 75 grand elder guru spellsword omnific

A Vigilante hiding out in Southern USA....He's a master of the "Titty Flop Volley" A sacred technique passed down from the "Riders of legend"

He lives a solitary life when off duty, primarily fapping to Furries while eating Cool Ranch Benjamins

His favorite drink is HETAP

Pike is one of the many meta humans of the group, Pike's power revolves around justice, He can swipe his wrist watch in a "Z" path to "Matrix-Drive transform" Into Protopike the Armored vigilante.

His race is Memekin. A race that is half-human and half-Meme. However it is rumored he's actually a Whorian in disguise as a Memekin.

Triva: Edit

-Known as a serial meat-beater.

-Addicted to Kamen Rider.

-Target of most of the Brotherhoods roasts.